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The Burmese Python Caging System

August 2 2017

The Burmese pythons due to their docile nature as well as undemanding requirements, they are among the most suitable of the massive snakes to keep as pets. It is a favorite of many people without any doubts. As long as you can be sure that you have enough available space to house one properly, you too can explore why they are loved so much. You, however, need a good Burmese python enclosure system and proper care for it if at all you want it to grow normally.

Most fundamentally, the Cage's safety should be considered, and after all, the following requirements are far much less critical once the enormous snake disappears into that hole that is in the wall behind the washing machine as you forgot to secure it properly. You should keep in mind that it is a dangerous species and can even cause death if not properly followed.

The enclosure’s size should be massive enough to allow the reptile a reasonable amount of movement and still small enough to allow for accurate humidity and temperature regulation. These pythons are terrestrial snakes. Therefore, they spend most of their life on the ground. The floor space of your enclosure system will be more important than the actual height of the cage.

A baby Burmese will need a space that is equivalent to a 10-gallon aquarium. The larger snakes will require a Burmese python enclosure of more space. A 200-pound snake needs at least a floor space of 4 by 8 feet.

It is also recommended that the enclosure have roughly a floor space equal to four to six times the surface area of the snake when it is in a flat coil.

The cage also should have a door that enables easy access, and that can be securely locked up, with several locks. A Plexiglas or just glass for viewing should be placed as it is important as well. A bit of ventilation can be desirable although it is not as much as one would initially think. Humidity, as well as temperature or heat, are lost quite easily through the vents and in particular through the ones at the top of the cage. Smaller ventilation on the sides of the enclosure allows for adequate air circulation.

Glass, wood, and plastic are the accepted materials for the construction of the cage. Cages that are constructed using the ABS plastic have typically a smooth and nonporous finish that easily allows for sterilization and cleaning. All edges and corners are rounded thus leaving no areas that are hard to clean. These enclosures are also light-weight, and the best of all is that they have been already made for you. You only require selecting one.

Burmese python enclosures should be properly maintained if at all you want your pythons to grow appropriately and healthily. Also, these pythons are a huge responsibility but quite challenging for an ambitious owner. However, if you want to keep one, then you need to be a very responsible owner as they can be very dangerous to human lives.


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